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The Starter Pack EU

The Starter Pack EU

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Our best deal for self-starters & complete beginners. Enjoy the amazing taste and experience the life-changing benefits of your own freshly harvested super mushrooms.

Shrooly is the world's first smart, fully automatized mushroom-growing device that grows mushrooms in just 7-10 days, including rare species you can't find elsewhere.

It creates the perfect microclimate for mushrooms by adjusting humidity levels, light, and fresh air circulation, but the settings can also be manually adjusted through the designated Shrooly app.


 Shrooly's size is 27.5 cm x 37 cm x 19 cm
 The growing pods allow you to harvest the quantity of an average store-bought portion two times
 Made of 100% mushroom culture, the pods are organic and fully recyclable
 You can grow 5+ varieties of culinary and medicinal mushrooms
 Automatized humidity, light, and air circulation


Included Items

  • 1x Shrooly smart device
  • 1x Power adapter (EU+UK)
  • 1x Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 1x Microfilter

Additional growing pods can be bought separately. Shipping fee collected later. EU orders are shipped from the EU.

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