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Shrooly Growing Pods

Shrooly Growing Pods

fast / organic / 2-3 harvests per block / 12 mushroom species
✅ Harvest in 7 days
✅ 100% organic, healthy mushrooms
✅ 2-3 harvests/growing block
✅ 12 mushroom species
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How to use
our pods?

You can grow a wide range of mushrooms with Shrooly's growing pod selection. Cut a small hole in the top of the growing block, put it in your Shrooly, press start and watch your mushrooms grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow all kinds of mushrooms in it?

Almost any kind! Shrooly offers a wide range of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms that are believed to promote your mental and physical health. Our ready to grow selection includes: Pink Oyster, King Oyster, Yellow Oyster, Honey Fungus, Maitake, Shimeji, Shiitake, Enoki, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Reishi. You can also grow your own kind of mushrooms at home by setting custom conditions tailored to the exact species you want to cultivate on your own.

How much do the growing pods cost?

Each pod costs $15 (USD).

What are the pods made of?

First and foremost, 100% pure mushroom culture! Depending on the type of mushroom you’re growing, growing pods can also contain straw, rice and wood chips. All of our pods are 100% organic and fully compostable, and they’re made of recycled materials.

Can I grow other types of mushrooms with Shrooly as well?

Yes! By setting and applying custom conditions tailored to the exact species you want to cultivate with Shrooly, you can start growing your own mushrooms at home without any hassle.

How can I choose the pods I would like to get?

Customers can select their preferred growing pods according to what kind of mushrooms they want to grow before shipment via our app or website through an email notification.

How can Shrooly grow mushrooms this fast?

Shrooly provides the optimal conditions for your selected mushroom species by adjusting humidity, fresh air circulation, and light allowing your mushrooms to grow rapidly.