July Update



Hi Shrooly family; as promised earlier, we're back with a more comprehensive and detailed update for you. This update will be a little lengthier and packed with information, so we genuinely appreciate it if you take the time to read it all.

We understand that it may have appeared as though we had disappeared or vanished, and we want to apologize if we caused any confusion or uncertainty. In recent times, after months of preparation and hard work, a lot of processes came to a result, and we waited until we could include all of them in this update.


We understand that manufacturing is a topic that has kept you on the edge of your seat lately, and it is our main focus right now too. We've been engaged in extensive discussions with several manufacturers for many months and have traveled thousands of miles to make sure we found an ideal partner who is well-prepared, has extremely relevant experience, and is capable of meeting our requirements to produce Shrooly at the highest quality standards.

It was no small task and took longer than expected, which is something we want to apologize for. Recently, after initial discussions with our manufacturing partner, our product management team spent several weeks at their facility overseas. According to our manufacturing partner, Shrooly is in fantastic shape and requires just a few final touches before production kicks off. Our Product Team is currently working closely with the factory's engineers to make all the necessary adjustments for production.

It's no coincidence that we spent so much time at our manufacturing partner's headquarters, where we consulted with many engineers and discussed every detail of the product to make the production as smooth as possible. The samples provided by our suppliers have been subjected to the most rigorous testing possible to ensure that everything is up to the highest quality standards. By now, the thorough testing is done, and we only need to add the finishing touches, which our team is tirelessly working on.

Things are looking great, but since the last steps of pre-production have proven to be quite time-consuming, the delivery is projected for early November. We understand how eager you are to receive your Shrooly, and we have to admit, we're just as thrilled as we inch closer to the finish line. However, according to the experienced manufacturing engineers working on the device, this is the right timeframe to ensure exceptional product quality.

We are committed to creating a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations and felt that it wouldn't have been right to make compromises on product quality just to stick to an earlier delivery date. We value your patience and assure you that the wait will be worth it, as we're committed to providing you with a Shrooly experience that is truly exceptional in every way.

Another important product-related update is that in May, our mobile app development team made significant strides with the Shrooly App, both in terms of its functionality and user-friendliness. We're proud to announce that we've also implemented a seamless customer support feature directly within the app. Now, whenever you need assistance, help is just one tap away! Our goal is to make you feel supported every step of the way, just like how Shrooly makes growing mushrooms a breeze.

We met you in person

We had the opportunity to attend a conference in Denver, along with numerous companies involved in mushroom-related ventures. It was an incredible experience for us, and we were thrilled to have the chance to meet a multitude of you face-to-face for the first time. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received and for all of you who took the time to engage in meaningful conversations and share your thoughts. It was incredible to see how every other person we met there already knew about us.

People were thrilled to have the opportunity to try out Shrooly right then and there. We also had the chance to meet and connect with various industry figures, such as Paul Stamets and Louis Schwartzberg, the director of the Netflix movie Fantastic Fungi. It was so good to see you all in person!

We are genuinely excited about the prospect of attending more events like this in the future. Meeting like-minded people who also firmly believe in the power of fungi was an incredibly enriching experience for us. We are very inspired by the encouragement you gave us and are eager to continue being actively involved in similar events moving forward.

We are incredibly glad that you all are part of the Shrooly family and show us continuous support. We understand that you are very excited to get your hands on the product, and so are we! We are in the final stretch on the road to make our dream come true, and once again would like to thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to let us know!


With mush love,
The Shrooly Team

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