February Update


As we approach the end of February, we’d like to provide a timely update on our most recent developments in manufacturing. We are humbled by the overwhelming level of interest and trust that has been placed in us—thank you!


However, finding a manufacturer who can fully actualize our vision and offer equitable shipping terms has proven to be a challenge. Nonetheless, we remain committed to this pursuit and will spare no effort in achieving our goals.



Lately, we have…

  • Initiated communication with several companies regarding the application, and have shared our plans with them accordingly.

  • Been conducting thorough research to ensure that the final product will provide the smallest possible distribution for its humidifier modules as the piezo humidifiers have yet to demonstrate consistent performance.

  • Started the selection process for the final USB-C power supply.

  • Received the first price offer for the injection-molded components.

  • Been working on launching our own YouTube channel.

  • Furthermore, we have already commenced factory visits to ensure a streamlined production process for Shrooly.

We also wanted to provide a separate update on the shipping timeline for Shrooly.

After careful consideration, we have decided to push back our shipping date to the end of July 2023. It’s important to note that we are taking this step to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product possible.


Throughout the development process, we have encountered several complex issues that were previously unknown to us e.g. replacing the air filtering to make it more sustainable, transforming the humidifier into a more durable design, rethinking the control of the e-paper display to make it easier to use, as well as some security-related developments. As a result, we need additional time to ensure that our final product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.


We know how much you all are eagerly anticipating the arrival of your Shrooly, and we are committed to delivering a product that is of the highest quality and will exceed your expectations. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that the device is thoroughly tested and free of any malfunctions or errors.


We understand that this delay may cause inconvenience to some of our customers, and we’d like to apologize in advance for any frustration this may cause. However, we believe that it is crucial to provide a top-quality product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers worldwide.


We will continue to keep you updated on our progress in the coming months, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section, and thank you for choosing Shrooly!


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