Grow any mushroom, anywhere, anytime: Our tools, your rules

We bring the technology, you bring the culture, nature does the rest!



Grow beyond imagination with AnyMush

We are not mind readers, but we know people like to experiment. So we leave it up to you what mushroom culture you wish to use. Use our tools and grow by your rules!


Grow anything: Our tools, your rules

AnyMush is your freedom, a blank canvas and your mushroom culture is the paint. You can have your own minilab. We have a wide range of mushroom collections, but we don’t cover all of them, yet. So we leave it to your imagination. Shrooly has no limits, so we have Anymush to grow beyond imagination.


Grow anytime: No rush with Anymush

We made extra effort to make our pods last without any artificial preservatives. If you don’t want or can’t start the cultivation process right away, there is no problem, as the substrate never spoils. There is no rush, we made extra effort to make our pods last without any artificial preservatives.


Grow anywhere: Always the right microclimate

The right place is where the climate is perfect. Shrooly takes care of the growing. Grow anywhere with zero effort and 100% fun. Get the best out of your experience.




Nature is wise. Shrooly is smart. We show you how to combine them for the best possible result:



Prepare and order: We bring the technology, you bring the culture 


Step 1 -  Order our tools: To start the cultivation process, first you have to order a Shrooly and an AnyMush pod from our website. We only ship accessories to the Shrooly itself, but the tools needed for a successful cultivation are easily available in most local stores.


Step 2 -  Order your culture: After you got your Shrooly and AnyMush pod, you’d have to order the liquid culture of your choice. You can find online retailers through a quick Google search, or even find local ones if you live in a bigger city. You will get the culture in a syringe. (We recommend using liquid culture, but you could also grow mushrooms by spores, but it will take longer and the quality and quantity are not guaranteed.)


Step 3 - Get the basics: Now the tools you need for the cultivation: some surface disinfectant (eg.: isopropyl alcohol or similar) and some gloves. The first step is to sterilize the pod, especially the injection port (which is found at the bottom) thoroughly. This step prevents that no mold can develop on the substrate. 



Your time to shine: Inoculate the pod


Step 4 - Inoculate: Now pull the cover from the syringe and insert it into the injection port. Press the liquid into the pod, you’ll need only 10ml of liquid culture. (from one syringe you can inoculate 2-4 pods, depending on the type)


Step 5 - Pat on the shoulder: Congrats, The hard part is behind you. Now, if you examine the AnyMush pod, you can see that it consists of 2 different parts. This bottom part is made out of wheat grain, the mushroom mycelium will start to spread here at first. With this revolutionary mechanic you don’t have to wait months to have a successful harvest.


Waiting game - Patience wins


Step 6 - Wait:  After inoculation, place the pod in a dark place around room temperature and wait 5-10 days. When the bottom part of the grain spawn is entirely whitish, you can proceed to the next step.


Step 7 - Shake: Now shake the bag well, try to mix as many grains into the coconut fiber as possible. We plan to make pods with other substrates, such as hardwood chips to suit other mushrooms’ needs better. This will tremendously speed up the process, as the mycelium can now colonize the substrate from many points. 


Step 8 - Be patient: Here come another 10-14 days of waiting, until from these points the mycelium spreads to the whole substrate.




Set your Shrooly to sit back and enjoy 


Step 9 - Set the App - Cut the pod at the top and put it in your Shrooly. With our app you can select your custom growing conditions, such as humidity and lighting cycle.

First you need to set up your Shrooly, our application makes this process a breeze. Through the app you can start a manual cultivation process, where you can set your own desired parameters tailored to your own mushroom culture’s needs. Just start a cultivation, cut open the AnyMush pod, put it into the Shrooly and fill it with water. 


Step 10 - Relax and harvest the benefits: Just lay back and wait for the mushrooms to grow! Harvest should be around the corner in just 7-14 days. 

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