This small European startup subverted the home mushroom-growing industry with a product sold  to over 11,000 customers worldwide.

The automated mushroom cultivation system offers unprecedented convenience and efficiency for growing 12+ mushroom varieties. The preset recipes control light and humidity to eliminate guesswork and ensure high-quality yields without manual hassle.

The food industry was missing something.

For decades, the food industry focused intently on staple crops and promoting meat consumption as the backbone of a nutritious diet. However, in this single-minded quest, they often overlooked the incredible benefits of other food sources, notably mushrooms.


Our dietary choices, including natural nutritional supplements, significantly influence our health. For both culinary and functional purposes, mushrooms serve as a versatile addition, playing a key role in health and recovery.

While the market is saturated with artificial supplements claiming to improve health, many of these options fail to deliver consistent, long-term benefits.
It appears that the supplement industry often pushes more products rather than genuine, lasting health solutions.

Now, a new era in food sustainability recognizes the importance of growing your own food, including mushrooms, for both culinary and health reasons, offering more effective, holistic solutions.


A noteworthy innovation is "Shrooly," developed by a team of engineers and micologists. This automated mushroom cultivation system streamlines the growing process and optimizes conditions for maximum benefits. Integrated with intelligent technology, Shrooly offers a simplified yet effective solution for personal mushroom cultivation.

Mushrooms grown in Shrooly

Perfect microclimante

Shrooly employs advanced algorithms to create an optimal microclimate for your mushrooms, fine-tuning humidity, light, and air circulation. This ensures a bountiful harvest and a crop rich in nutritional and medicinal properties, offering health benefits and peace of mind.

App control for peace of mind
The app is designed to streamline your mushroom-growing process. With detailed guides for initial setup and ongoing cultivation, it's much more than a utility—it's a gateway to optimizing your yield and maximizing the health benefits of your harvest.

Variety of all kinds
The device enables you to cultivate 12+ diverse mushroom varieties at home, including rare and potent types like Cordyceps. Known for its traditional use in Chinese medicine to boost energy and immunity, Cordyceps is just one of the many functional mushrooms you can easily grow, offering a convenient and effective way to improve vitality and well-being.

For a limited time, you can save $40 when you purchase a Shrooly.

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Dr. Aaron Fielding, 
biochemical nutritionist

"Optimal health is a synergy of various factors — your diet, exercise, and even the quality of food you consume. I strongly recommend Shrooly to all my clients. It allows for cultivating a diverse range of functional mushrooms, offering direct benefits from immune support to mental well-being. Its automation simplifies the cultivation process, ensuring consistent, high-quality results every time."

Shrooly is so popular among health enthusiasts that 11,000 of them have purchased it.

When David and Sam launched Shrooly, they didn’t expect 11,000 customers from over 100 countries to order it, along with close to 100,000 pods ready for cultivation.

Because of this constant demand and many people asking for them, the team decided to offer the device for:

$299 USD

Long-time mushroom growers will surely appreciate this promotion, but it will likely result in the current production batch being sold out very soon.

Especially as the customers’ word of mouth got influencers, bloggers, and journalists falling in love with Shrooly.


“Although there are tools on the market that will 

grow mushrooms, they are much larger and

designed for professional mushroom growers.”

"That device is considered a more professional tool, and

ours is more of a kitchen-ready solution for the amateur."

For a limited time, you can save $40 when you purchase a Shrooly.

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How Shrooly is changing 
the home mushroom cultivation game

The device addresses the convenience of mushroom cultivation and the nutritional 
and medicinal benefits in one go. No wonder users are finding it indispensable!

Can mushroom growing be THIS effective and hassle-free?

Shrooly has hundreds of 5-star customer reviews; more keep flowing every week!

Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Reishi mushrooms are cultivated from organic substrates, producing a high-quality harvest with Shrooly.

Combined with intelligent technology, they developed a unique, automated mushroom cultivation system. The built-in humidity, light, and air circulation controls ensure optimal growing conditions, eliminating mold and bacteria. This makes Shrooly more than just a grow box.

Given its effectiveness and the range of mushrooms it supports, it's no surprise that users enthusiastically adopt Shrooly for their mushroom cultivation needs.

"My mushroom yield has never been this good. Shrooly is a game-changer." - Alex

"I never knew growing mushrooms could be this easy. Already planning my next batch." - Megan

"The app is incredibly intuitive and offers valuable tips. My Cordyceps came out perfect." - Raj

"From setup to harvest, Shrooly simplifies everything. 

It's the best mushroom cultivation system out there." - Raj

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The latest production batch of the device is still open, and the word is out in the mushroom-growing community. People are spreading the news about the limited offer, and the stock has become limited.
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For a limited time, you can save $40 when you purchase a Shrooly.

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