Grow mushrooms you won't find elsewhere.

Grow your mushroom at home!

No experience needed | Harvest in 7 days | Organic & fresh | 12+ species | AnyShroom™ pod | Compact design | Just set it and forget it

Start growing your own mushrooms

Shrooly is a smart device that Shrooly is a smart device that automatically grows mushrooms for you including rare species that you cannot find elsewhere. Even better, you can grow most of them within a week!


Grow mushrooms at
home, in three simple steps.

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We’ve created a smart device so that you
never run out of mushrooms again.

Extensive variety

About 95% of homemade growing kits work only with the most basic mushrooms species—think of white button mushrooms. With Shrooly, you can grow 12+ different varieties at home, including some of the world's rarest & most powerful mushroom species. Ever heard of Cordyceps, the Chinese zombie fungus? Yes; it is exactly as cool as it sounds.

How to use
our pods?

Using ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks is still one of the fastest & most reliable methods for growing mushrooms at home. We’ve created a video to help you get started.
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Grow your own kind.

Feeling adventurous? Choose our anyshroom pod and customize the conditions to grow mushrooms that are not included in our current selection.

Why choose Shrooly?

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What people say about Shrooly

What people say about Shrooly

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1 Shrooly + 1 pod
Shrooly smart device | Power supply Microfiber cleaning cloth | Growing Pod Microfilter
$299 $449
AnyShroom™ Bundle
Shrooly smart device | Power supply Microfiber cleaning cloth | Microfilter | 3X AnyShroom pods 100X Empty Capsules | Capsule Filler | Mushroom Crusher | Precision Scale
$399 $599
2 Shrooly + 2 pods
2X Shrooly smart device | 2X Power supply 2X Microfiber cleaning cloth | 4X Growing Pod 2X Microfilter
$569 $899
3 Shrooly + 3 pod
3x Growing Pod | 3x Microfilter 3x Shrooly smart device | 3x Power supply 3x Microfiber cleaning cloth
$799 $1349

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shrooly available to purchase yet?

You can pre-order Shrooly via our website today! 📦 We already have a fully
functioning prototype and plan on shipping the first units in March 2023.

Does it grow all kinds of mushrooms?

Almost any kind! Shrooly offers a great variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms that promote both mental and physical health. Some species—like morels and truffles—need a special connection with a living tree, and so they cannot be cultivated indoors. Almost any kind! Shrooly offers a great variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms that
promote both mental and physical health. 💪 They’re also GMO-, gluten- and pesticide-free.

How much time do the mushrooms need to grow?

You can start harvesting your mushrooms within 7-10 days,
depending on the type of mushroom you’re growing. 🍀

How much can I grow from a single pod?

Generally speaking, you should expect to enjoy two harvests from a single growing pod. Once the
pod is empty, you'll need to use a new one to keep enjoying your freshly harvested mushrooms. 🌱

Are the growing pods included?

Our growing pods are available to purchase (for $15 each)

What are the growing pods made of?

First and foremost, 100% pure mushroom culture! 🍄 Depending on the type of your mushroom, growing pods also contain straw, rice and wood chip. All pods are fully organic & compostable, and made of recycled materials.

How to clean my Shrooly?

You don’t need to invest in any special cleaning equipment to clean your device
as it can easily be taken care of using your regular cleaning supplies. ✨

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! 🌎 We have two warehouses to ship our devices from:
one is located in the US and the other one is in Europe.

Can I use Shrooly without the app?

Absolutely! Our (free) mobile app will definitely enhance your mushroom-growing
experience but is not at all encessary for operating your device. 📱

Will my Shrooly have the right power supply?

Yes. 🔌 Your Shrooly will come with the right power supply,
depending on the country your device was shipped to (EU or US).

Is it safe to use around children/animals?

Shrooly is relatively safe to use around kids and animals as you would
actually need to open up the device in order to get to the mushrooms. 🐈

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