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at home in 7 days

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Mushrooms are known for their therapeutic benefits. They can be used to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD and increase the brain's ability to create new emotional and information pathways. Increase your mental and emotional well-being with the power of nature.

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Organic & Healthy
Know where your food comes from.

Functional properties
Grow your own superfood  at home.

Convenient & easy to use.

Reconnect with Nature

Cultivating your own medicine is an incredibly empowering experience as it allows you to connect deeply with nature and our place in the world. 


Unlock something greater within yourself through the process of growing mushrooms.

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Start growing your 
own mushrooms

Shrooly is a smart device that automatically grows mushrooms for you including rare species that you cannot find elsewhere. Even better, you can grow most of them within a week!

One pod

= infinite opportunity

Just inject your own mushroom culture into our AnyMush™ pod, customize the growing conditions with your Shrooly, and cultivate a wider variety of mushrooms than ever before.

Grow mushrooms at home
in three simple steps.


Place the pod


Press ‘Start’


Harvest & enjoy

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See how we’ve made a complex technology accessible to everyone in a smart device that is small enough to sit on your kitchen countertop!

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How it works

Order our 
AnyMush™ pod

Use your own
liquid culture

Harvest your

Meet your mushroom-growing app

We are happy to introduce our new application, which will make your mushroom-growing experience even smoother. With detailed guides, the app will help you set up your device and start the first cultivation, as well as give you useful tips and tricks to make the most out of your Shrooly.

Start growing your own mushrooms

AnyMush™ Bundle

1 Device +7 AnyMush™ pods

599USD 399USD (42% OFF)

fast / organic / min. 2 harvests per block 

Shrooly is the world's first smart, fully automatized mushroom-growing device that grows mushrooms in just 7-10 days, including rare species you can't find elsewhere.

It creates the perfect microclimate for mushrooms by adjusting humidity levels, light, and fresh air circulation, but the settings can also be manually adjusted through the designated Shrooly app.

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You don't need to...
✓ worry about sterilizing the cultivation substrate
✓ search for the appropriate growing medium
✓ worry about contamination of the cultivation block
✓ worry about contamination of the cultivation block
✓ drill or saw plastic boxes
✓ think about how to ensure optimal humidity and proper air exchange

✓ Bundle content: 1 Device + 7 AnyMush™ pods
✓ Shrooly's size is 27.5 cm x 37 cm x 19 cm
✓ The growing pods allow you to harvest the quantity of an average  store-bought portion two times
✓ Made of 100% mushroom culture, the pods are organic and fully recyclable
✓ You can grow 12+ varieties of culinary and medicinal mushrooms
✓ Automatized humidity, light, and air circulation

Shrooly is available for pre-order now.

The shipping will start in November 2023; US orders will be shipped from the US, while your EU orders will be shipped from within the EU.

Frequently Asked Questions

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 Is there a self healing injection spot for the AnyMush pod?

How much liquid culture should I use?

Do you offer customizable settings to match specific mushroom preferences and needs?

We discourage the cultivation of psychoactive species where illegal. Please do not contact us regarding the cultivation of these species.