Grow mushrooms in 7 days
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fast / organic / 2 harvests per block / 12 mushroom species
The Starter Pack
1 Device + 1 Growing pod
$299 USD
$449 USD (37% OFF)
Gourmet King Pack
1 Device + 7 Growing pod
$369 USD
$539 USD (38% OFF)
AnyMush™ Bundle
1 Device +7 AnyMush™ pod
$399 USD
$599 USD (42% OFF)
The Smarter Pack
2 Device +2 Growing pod
$569 USD
$899 USD (49% OFF)
Shrooly's size is 27.5 cm x 37 cm x 19 cm
The growing pods allow you to harvest the quantity of an average store-bought portion two times
Made of 100% mushroom culture, the pods are organic and fully recyclable
You can grow 12+ varieties of culinary and medicinal mushrooms
Automatized humidity, light, and air circulation
Shrooly is the world's first smart, fully automatized mushroom-growing device that grows mushrooms in just 7-10 days, including rare species you can't find elsewhere.

It creates the perfect microclimate for mushrooms by adjusting humidity levels, light, and fresh air circulation, but the settings can also be manually adjusted through the designated Shrooly app.
Shrooly is available for pre-order now, shipping in June with regular updates on shipping. US orders will be shipped from the US, while your EU orders will be shipped from within the EU.

Product demo

See how we’ve made a complex technology accessible to everyone in a smart device that is small enough to sit on your kitchen countertop!

Grow mushrooms at
home, in three simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most commonly asked questions

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do! Your US orders are shipped from the US while your EU orders are shipped from within the EU.

Can I grow other types of mushrooms with Shrooly as well?

Yes! By setting and applying custom conditions tailored to the exact species you want to
cultivate with Shrooly, you can start growing your own mushrooms at home without any hassle.

When will my Shrooly arrive?

Shrooly is available for pre-order now, shipping in June with regular updates on shipping. US orders will be shipped from the US, while your EU orders will be shipped from within the EU.

What kind of mushrooms can I grow with Shrooly?

Shrooly offers a wide range of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms that are believed

How much do the growing pods cost?

Each pod costs $15 (USD). You can see our pod collection here.

How can I choose the pods I would like to get?

Customers can select their preferred growing pods according to what kind of mushrooms they want to grow before shipment via our app or website through an email notification.

How can Shrooly grow mushrooms this fast?

Shrooly provides the optimal conditions for your selected mushroom species by adjusting humidity, fresh air circulation, and light allowing your mushrooms to grow rapidly.

Technical info

How is Shrooly a “smart device”?

By carefully monitoring their growth phase, your Shrooly provides your mushrooms
with the perfect conditions including lighting, humidity level and fresh air exchange.

What are the pods made of?

First and foremost, 100% pure mushroom culture! Depending on the type of mushroom you’re growing, growing pods can also contain straw, rice and wood chips. All of our pods are 100% organic and fully compostable.

How much time do my mushrooms need to grow?

You can start harvesting your mushrooms within 7-14 days, depending on the type(s) you’re growing.

Practical info

What if I’m away from home?

Your Shrooly will automatically take care of the optimal conditions for your mushrooms, even when you’re not around.
You can easily check in with your device through Shrooly’s free mobile app.

Can I use Shrooly without the app?

Of course. Shrooly’s free mobile app will definitely enhance your mushroom-growing experience
but is in no way essential for operating your device on a daily basis.

Is Shrooly easy to clean?

Absolutely. You can use your regular household cleaning supplies to take care of your device.

How often do I need to refill the water tank?

Only once in every growing phase for most species.

Is the device loud?

No, it’s not. Also, you can set the light to turn on and off whenever you want it to, so that it will not disturb you.